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Whats Next? ​

- The sale  legally enters the Purchase / Sale CONTRACT

-A signature and a deposit will be necessary to set aside the house ($ 1000). WITHIN THE FIRST 48Hrs from the moment the CONTRACT is entered. If this step is not carried out, the CONTRACT will be canceled AUTOMATICALLY.

- For your protection you should do an INSPECTION.

In the next button we provide you with specific information about the inspections and their benefits.

- The CONTRACT will determine the specific time to carry out the inspections. Within that time, the imperfections or defects of the property may be negotiated or the CONTRACT may be terminated or terminated without loss or penalty. Once that time has passed, neither the inspections nor their results can be honored; and if you prefer to terminate the contract, there may be a penalty.

- The expenses of Inspection, Taxation, Insurance, Taxes and Transfer will be borne by the Buyer and cannot be negotiated


- The average time for the closing to take place will be 30 to 45 days. At this time, a TITLE COMPANY will investigate everything concerning the property (liens, debts, or any situation that may affect the property)


- Once all the investigations have been completed, the CLOSURE will take place. At the time of CLOSING the remaining money is delivered and the sale and transfer papers are signed.

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