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The American Banking Entities are an excellent resource for access to capital at low cost and a fast process.

The basic requirements are: personal data, name, date of birth, telephone number, and a current address.

The banks base their decision on the analysis of these two important factors:

• Credit.

• Financial Status- They use the average income tax return for the past 2 years, a clean banking history, and pay stubs that reflect a full time job. For contractors on their own, they must have organized records that show their income.


In addition there are other factors to consider:

• Collateral that can guarantee your investment.

• Savings.

• Debt- this affect the loan amount. One tip is to keep debts low and not apply for new loans, even if they are small, if you want to buy a home. Although they offer you get into debt to improve credit, it is not a good idea as it decreases the amount of loans.

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